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Best Bungalows to stay in Wilpattu National Park

Best Bungalows in Wilpattu National Park Area

Wilpattu Holiday Bungalow and Park View Bungalow are the two Bungalows located almost near the Park entrance which needs to be pre-booked. These are basic but clean accommodation options available if you are at a budget and they do not offer any frills but basic accommodation. Provisions to be supplied by the guests for meals and the resident cook would do the cooking. There are couple of Bungalows located near Puttlam and Kalpitiya too listed here.

Bungalows can be booked through us paying by credit card once the availability and the rates are confirmed through a secure payment gateway. We are not a Mechanised Booking Engine, our suggestions are based on our own experience and you can call and email us for best personal suggestions prior to booking.

Suggested Bungalows during your Safari in Wilpattu

Wilpattu Holiday Bungalow

An ideal bungalow for people who wants to stay close to Wilpattu National Park entrance. 4 bedrooms with all attached baths with hot water.

01 minute to Wilpattu Park

Wilpattu Bungalow

A simple bungalow located very close to Wilpattu National Park with a large garden area. 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The garden...

05 minutes to Wilpattu Park

Wilpattu Safari Lodge

Wilpattu Safari Lodge is situated in close proximity to Wilpattu National Park entrance (Walking distance) in a large compound surrounded by lush...

05 minutes to Wilpattu Park

Puttalam House

The Puttalam House is near Karadipuval on the Old Mannar Road. It is on a secure, safe, 20-acre, working coconut and cashew estate bordering...

45 minutes Drive

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