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Choosing the right accommodation for your Wilpattu National Park safari

Firstly there are no accommodation options inside the National Park. All camps, Eco Lodges, Hotels and Guest houses are located outside the park in the towns of Hunuwilgama, Nochchiyagama and Anuradhapura.

The closest two guests houses to the park are Wilpattu Wild Watch Guest House which just 5 minutes away from the main gate while the other guest house Leopard Den is located 7 kms away from the park entrance.

There are few privately owned holiday bungalows situated very close to the park (Walking distance) and they are Wilpattu Holiday Bungalow, Wilpattu Bungalow and Wilpattu Safari Lodge.

Puttalam House Bungalow is located in Puttlam which is 50 kms away.

If you are looking for luxury the closest hotel is Forest Rock Garden which is about 30 minutes away from the park. Palpatha Eco Lodge is a nice choice for the nature lover, located just 30 minutes away from the park.

Anuradhapura town hotels are the best places to stay, just 1 hour drive to Wilpattu Park entrance. Few hotels in Anuradhapura we recommend are Hotel Alakamandawa, Palm Garden Village, The Heritage Hotel and The Sanctuary Hotel. Ulgalla Resort in Anuradhapura is Boutique Stylish hotel little away from Anuradhpuara town.

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