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Wilpattu Safari Packages from Forest Rock Garden Anuradhapura

* Rates are in US Dollars and per person.

Package 01 person 02 persons 03 persons 04 persons 05 persons 06 persons  
1 Night 1 Half day Safari US$ 360 US$ 221 US$ 180 US$ 196 US$ 174 US$ 187 BOOK NOW
1 Night 2 Half day Safaris US$ 504 US$ 316 US$ 257 US$ 262 US$ 238 US$ 247 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 1 full day Safari US$ 633 US$ 378 US$ 303 US$ 338 US$ 300 US$ 325 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 1 half day Safari US$ 576 US$ 350 US$ 284 US$ 324 US$ 288 US$ 315 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 2 half day Safari US$ 720 US$ 444 US$ 360 US$ 390 US$ 351 US$ 374 BOOK NOW

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Overview of Forest Rock Garden Anuradhapura

Forest Rock Garden in one of, if not the most beautiful setting on soil of Sri Lanka that gives you an extraordinary experience over and beyond your expectations.

Forest Rock Garden hotel is the living masterpiece gives its guests the once in a life time experience to go back into the golden days of the Anuradhapura Kingdom in this 21st century with utmost luxury and great sense of royalty, serenity and peace.