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Wilpattu Safari Packages from Wilpattu Wild Villa

* Rates are in US Dollars and per person.

Package 01 person 02 persons 03 persons 04 persons 05 persons 06 persons  
1 Night 1 Half day Safari US$ 184 US$ 118 US$ 98 US$ 101 US$ 92 US$ 85 Request a Quote
1 Night 2 Half day Safaris US$ 292 US$ 191 US$ 159 US$ 156 US$ 143 US$ 133 Request a Quote
2 Nights 1 full day Safari US$ 329 US$ 206 US$ 167 US$ 175 US$ 157 US$ 145 Request a Quote
2 Nights 2 half day Safari US$ 396 US$ 251 US$ 205 US$ 209 US$ 189 US$ 175 Request a Quote

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Overview & Location of Wilpattu Wild Villa

Wilpattu Wild Villa, nestled in the serene village of Pahala Maragahawewa, offers a tranquil escape surrounded by lush greenery. Located just 30 km from the Kumbichchan Kulama Tank, this lodge is perfect for nature enthusiasts eager to explore the region's rich wildlife. Guests can also enjoy the exciting Wilpattu Safari Packages, enhancing their adventure experience. The property is conveniently situated 32 km from the historic Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and Kada Panaha Tank, providing access to significant cultural sites. The nearest airport, Sigiriya, is 91 km away, with a paid shuttle service available for a hassle-free journey. Wilpattu Wild Villa combines natural beauty, relaxation, and adventure, with easy access to notable landmarks and thrilling safari experiences.

Accommodation in Wilpattu Wild Villa

At Wilpattu Wild Villa, guests are welcomed into comfortable accommodations with garden views, free WiFi, and private parking. The villa offers single rooms, double rooms, family rooms with air conditioning, private entrances, and private bathrooms equipped with bidets, free toiletries, hairdryers, and slippers. Wilpattu Safari Packages add an adventurous touch to the stay. Thoughtful amenities and a serene setting make Wilpattu Wild Villa ideal for those seeking comfort and natural beauty. With a limited number of rooms, guests enjoy an intimate and exclusive experience, fully immersing themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Dining in of Wilpattu Wild Villa

Dining at Wilpattu Wild Villa is a delightful experience, offering a variety of options to suit every palate. Guests can enjoy a daily breakfast buffet, continental, or Asian selections while taking in scenic garden views. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensure a delicious and healthy dining experience. Whether you prefer a hearty breakfast to fuel your adventures or a light, nutritious start to the day, the dining options at Wilpattu Wild Villa provide a perfect beginning. The serene ambiance of the dining area complements the natural surroundings, enhancing each meal as a memorable part of your stay, especially after enjoying the Wilpattu Safari Packages.