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Wilpattu Safari Packages from Wilpattu Tree House

* Rates are in US Dollars and per person.

Package 01 person 02 persons 03 persons 04 persons 05 persons 06 persons  
1 Night 1 Half day Safari US$ 307 US$ 194 US$ 154 US$ 176 US$ 153 US$ 169 BOOK NOW
1 Night 2 Half day Safaris US$ 423 US$ 275 US$ 220 US$ 235 US$ 211 US$ 223 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 1 full day Safari US$ 552 US$ 338 US$ 258 US$ 304 US$ 262 US$ 293 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 1 half day Safari US$ 494 US$ 308 US$ 238 US$ 289 US$ 248 US$ 282 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 2 half day Safari US$ 609 US$ 387 US$ 302 US$ 347 US$ 305 US$ 335 BOOK NOW

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Overview of Wilpattu Tree House

Tree house Luxury room is situated at the entrance of Wilpattu National Park which is located in Anuradhapura district of Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is the largest and one of the oldest National parks in Sri Lanka. As this Tree house was build at the entrance of the park near the Hunuwila tank, you will feel that you are almost inside the Wilpattu National park. With the sounds of Peacocks, Monkeys and Birds and in the evening elephants hanging around the Tree house land , thereby created a unique approach to echo- living . Tree house is over looking to the Hunuwila tank bordering to the park and the other side is facing to the faddy fields. Likewise the Tree house is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty.